Wollemi Pine

Segment: Wollemi Pine
Episode: 9
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 18th April 2020

If you’re looking for something different to plant in your garden, why not try planting a Wollemi Pine – a relic from the Jurassic age.

  • The Wollemi Pine is the world’s oldest plant, and is the ancestor of the modern pine trees.
  • The Wollemi Pine had only been found in fossil samples until the late 1990s, when a small grove was found deep in a canyon north of Sydney. There were only 100 mature trees left in the wild.
  • Trees have been grown from the original 100, and now you can have your own thanks to Garden Express. All you have to do is jump online, place your order and the plant will arrive in its special protective carton.
  • Open the box, pop the plant in a bucket of water for 5 minutes to let the plant soak up some water while you look for the perfect spot in your garden.
  • The Wollemi Pine is surprisingly adaptable to most garden environments and can be grown in pots. Make sure to use a great quality potting mix and give them a controlled release fertiliser.
  • Having narrowly survived the recent NSW bushfires, the Wollemi Pine is subject to extensive research to ensure its survival.
  • There is an exclusive offer for viewers of The Garden Gurus – the Wollemi Pine is usually valued at $99, but you can get one for just $89 plus delivery. On top of that, your tree will come with a free ‘The Wollemi Pine’ book by James Woodford, valued at $25.