Ground Level Pruning

Segment: Ground Level Pruning
Episode: 10
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 25th April 2020

Autumn is the perfect time to do some pruning before the cooler winter months.

  • You can’t beat a good pair of secateurs in the garden – they’re great for pruning up to around 22mm, which is roughly the thickness of a finger.
  • You should generally cut just above the node with a slight angle. Some people dispute this however, stating that it increases the wound area and results in slower healing.
  • For thicker branches, you need a good pair of loppers – the longer handles give you more leverage and power.
  • When it comes to hedges, it is important to prune regularly. This encourages dense growth and will keep your hedge nice and tight.
  • Shears are the perfect tool for hedges, and good quality tools will make the job more enjoyable.
  • For higher hedges and harder to reach areas, you can’t beat telescopic shears. The handles slide in and out, much like a telescope, giving you easier access.
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