Mother’s Day Special

Segment: Mother’s Day Special
Episode: 11
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 2 May 2020

Trev takes you to Flora Plant Nursery where he puts together a beautiful arrangement for his mum for Mother’s Day!

  • Mother’s Day is just around the corner and there’s nothing quite like a beautiful living plant for mum.
  • Flora Plant Nursery, one of Australia’s best plant nurseries is the place to go for stunning indoor flowering plants. You can find their plants at your local garden centre.
  • To dazzle mum Trev has chosen the simply sublime Flamingo flower or Anthirum, the vibrant flowers of the succulent Kalanchoe, another cacti the Zygocactus with its cascading habit and the Spathyphilum.
  • But before you start, you need this, a specially designed indoor plant soil, but what makes a difference between indoor potting mix and outdoor is organics. If you have lots of organics in indoor plants, you get alot of fungus gnats. Osmocote Indoor Premium Potting Mix hasn’t any compost or pine bark which provide the perfect environment for fungus gnats.
  • PLUS, Osmocote Indoor Premium Potting Mix also contains Peat and Perlite to improve water holding and airflow to the roots as well as Osmocote for indoor plants, which feeds for 6 months, which will ensure your plants do well from day one.
  • A bottle of Osmocote Pour and Feed will ensure your plants grow well long after you’ve delivered the present. The great thing about Osmocote Pour and Feed is there’s no mixing or mess, no smells, no fuss, simply pour a capful of this into the soil every two weeks and stand back!
  • Pour and Feed comes in a few different special formula’s like one for succulents and another for orchids, so you can pick the perfect formula for your plants!