Segment: Transplanting/Replanting
Episode: 12
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 9th May 2020

Autumn is a great time of year to transplant your deciduous plants.

  • May is a great time of year to plant citrus trees. They settle in fast and will take off with some solid growth, particularly if they are a native citrus.
  • Citrus originated in the warmer regions, originally arriving in Australia on the Buffalo ship.
  • Australian citrus works great as condiments – you can pop them into your G&T for some extra flavour.
  • Some natives actually love the free draining sandy soil, and do well in full sun. They still need nutrients in the base however – you can put some Troforte M for Citrus in the planting hole.
  • Don’t plant your native directly on top of the fertiliser, as you don’t want to burn the roots. Put down a layer of sandy soil, then water it to activate the fertiliser. You can then start planting.
  • You can use some Seasol to water in your plant – this is a tonic for the soil, and will stimulate root growth and help the plant to recover from any transplant shock.