Plant Highlight: Dahlias

Segment: Plant Highlight: Dahlias
Episode: 13
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 16th May 2020

The dahlia is a simply stunning plant, coming in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.

  • Dahlias love nothing more than a sunny position in the summer and autumn months.
  • These plants are grown from the tubers and corns they produce. These swollen roots store energy and have a number of buds that turn into growth.
  • Autumn is not the time to plant daliahs, but is the time to enjoy their beautiful blooms.
  • Make sure to stake the ones that are flower heavy so that they don’t topple over.
  • Plant in raised beds if possible, as they are not likely to get waterlogged or sodden. Wet soils can cause your tubers to rot in the winter as they lie dormant.
  • Cut the plants to ground level once they have finished flowering. If you have heavy soils that are waterlogged, you’ll need to lift the corns and pop them into a dry dark place, ideally with sawdust over them to keep them dry.
  • You can pick the blooms and place them in vases indoors. They last a long time and look incredible.