Broccoli Romanesco

Story: Broccoli Romanesco
Episode: 2
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 22nd August 2020

Broccoli Romanesco with its large lime green heads is a stunning plant that also tastes absolutely delicious.

  • Broccoli Romanesco is part of the Metro Gardeners range from Swan Valley Herbs.
  • It does best in a full-sun position with a little bit of space around it, with about 40cm being ideal.
  • Broccoli Romanesco can be harvested in about 14 to 16 weeks when the heads are full and compact.
  • Romanesco stretches really easily so to avoid having to eat all the heads at once, you can start harvesting a little earlier by removing individual florets.
  • If the Broccoli Romanesco is water-stressed, it tends to bolt to seed before developing large strong heads.
  • Plant it into well-improved soil and make sure to water it regularly.
  • Feed the plant to the chooks or put it into the compost once it’s been harvested.

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