Permanent Soil Improvement

Story: Permanent Soil Improvement
Episode: 4
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 5th September 2020

Trevor chats to the creator of Soil Solver, Gavin Davis, and gets some insight into how this innovative product came about.

  • Soil quality is imperative if you want to have a beautiful garden and that is why you need to improve your soil before you get started
  • For years, your only options for improving sandy soils were adding nutrients or wetting agents, until Soil Solver came along.
  • Gavin Davis took a deep look at the structure of the most productive of garden soils, loam, and worked out a way to effectively recreate it in a sandy soil environment by adding the essential ingredients that were missing.
  • Soil Solver uses Kaolin clay, which prevents organic matter leeching out of the soil.
  • Minerals are added into the clay lattice in the manufacturing process, so it’s ready to put on your garden and gets the humus working.
  • The significant difference between this soil amendment and adding things such as wetting agents, composts and soil improvers is the change in the soil that appears to be permanent.
  • Once you’ve amended this soil, its performance is consistent, and it remains stable.
  • Use 10 kg per square metre to get the best results.

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