Winter Soil TLC

Story: Winter Soil TLC
Episode: 4
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 5th September 2020

Improving your soil after winter months is imperative for growing many Australian natives, including Boronia.

  • Boronia is a beautiful, highly perfumed plant that has a reputation for being hard to grow because of its extensive root system that causes it to dry out quickly.
  • These plants grow naturally in rich humus soils on the edge of waterways where there is moisture retention and lots of leaf matter that has composted down over thousands of years.
  • In your garden, you can fast track this process and build up your soil using products such as Seasol Liquid Compost. Seasol Liquid Compost contains nutrients not only for the plants but also for the soil, which is important when growing Boronia.
  • Boronia needs to be planted in semi-shaded position, somewhere where it will be protected from the hot afternoon sun. You can plant three of the same variety together for a stunning display or mix it up and plant three or four different varieties.
  • Applying Seasol Liquid Compost upon planting will help to reduce transplant shock.
  • Liquid Compost is also a great liquid clay breaker. Many areas of Australia would benefit from it being applied to the soil regularly.
  • Seasol Liquid Compost can be used throughout your entire garden. It is perfect for seedlings and newly established plants.
  • Once they are growing, your Boronias will benefit from regular applications of Plant + Soil Booster. Plant + Soil Booster will keep your soil in tip-top shape and your natives looking fantastic.

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