Fennel Florence

Story: Fennel Florence
Episode: 5
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 12th September 2020

Fennel Florence is a large hardy herb with a strong aniseed flavour.

  • Strongly linked with Greek mythology, the ancient Greeks grew Fennel Florence seeds to give them strength.
  • This plant has been used over many years for many different purposes. It is even said to keep fleas away.
  • Every part of Florence Fennel is edible, including the bulb, the leaves and the seeds.
  • Originating from the Mediterranean, it is well suited to our sunny climate and will grow fairly large. You will need sufficient space to allow it to develop to its full potential.
  • Avoid root disturbance because this will cause it to bolt to seed.
  • Harvest the bulb when it becomes the size of a celery head.
  • There are often side shoots remaining after the bulb has been harvested. Leave these in the ground to allow flowers to develop and attract beneficial insects to the garden.

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