Calla Lily

Story: Calla Lily
Episode: 6
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 19th September 2020

Just as we’re enjoying spring bulbs budding and coming into flower, it’s time to turn our attention to summer bulbs like calla lilies.

  • Calla lilies are not a true lily but do share some of the alluring features of a lily.
  • Calla lilies are easy to grow. They multiply readily and are not particularly fussy as to where they are planted.
  • They last for weeks as a cut flower.
  • Even after the plant has finished flowering, their foliage makes a stunning feature in the garden.
  • Garden Express has four different calla lilies available, including Crystal Clear, Garnet Glow, Grape Velvet and Nightlife.
  • These lilies are $12.90 each but Garden Gurus’ viewers can buy all four for just $38.70, saving them 25%.

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