Dealing With Climate

Story: Dealing With Climate
Episode: 11
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 31st October 2020

Australia is expecting to get above-average rainfall over the next year. You should ensure that you make the most of the rain by aerating your lawn.

  • Compaction is one of the biggest problems with lawn, as healthy soil contains as much as 50% air.
  • Microscopic air pockets in the soil affect moisture uptake and retention and the level of soil life, all of which are essential for successful plant growth.
  • Avoid heavy foot or vehicle traffic and do at least one aeration operation per year.
  • There are many ways of opening up the soil under your lawn, the garden fork being one of them.
  • Heavily compacted areas of lawn tend to be thin and bare, making them the perfect launchpad for weed infestation.
  • After aeration, rub in Lawn Builder Top Dress & Underlay Organic Lawn Soil. Leave a thin layer on top of the grass.
  • When you apply organic matter to grass, it helps to create structure, which is what’s needed for those air pockets to form.
  • This is a great time to fertilise your lawn as well. Scotts Lawn Builder releases over the course of three months, avoiding nutrient runoff or leaking into the subsoil. 
  • This fertiliser bolsters growth and greening without producing surge growth, which only leads to more mowing.
  • It contains a unique wetting agent that helps the soil absorb moisture and retain it for the lawn use.

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