Revamping the Garden

Story: Revamping the Garden
Episode: 12
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 7th November 2020

If you’re looking to revamp your garden on a budget, why not try growing plants from cuttings?

  • Late spring and early summer is the ideal time for growing cuttings from most herbaceous and woody plants.
  • Depending on the variety, cuttings should be about 10-12cm long and the wood needs to be soft but with a little spring to it.
  • Strip the bottom leaves and on larger leaved cuttings, trim the leaves in half.
  • Using the right mix is important. Osmocote Seed & Cutting Mix is perfect for both germinating seeds and rooting cuttings.
  • It has just enough fertiliser that it won’t burn cuttings but will deliver nutrients to their roots to help them grow.
  • Osmocote Seed & Cutting Mix contains coir peat, which has brilliant rewetting properties and holds water around the roots.
  • Always prepare 50% more cuttings than the number of plants you need. If you get too many plants, you can always give them away.
  • Dip the base of the cuttings in a  hormone gel or a solution of 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of water.
  • Cover the cuttings with a plastic bag and put a small hole in the top to allow air movement.

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