Making Your Own Compost

Story: Making Your Own Compost
Episode: 15
Presenter: Neville Passmore.
Air Date: 28th November 2020

Compost is great for improving the overall health of your soil. Neville shares a way you can make your own.

  • The best place to begin is on a bare patch of soil. This will allow earthworms, fungi and microbes to get into it.
  • Avoid hot and exposed locations to help keep your compost moist during summer.
  • You need 4 Ultraposts, a stake driver, around 6m of Whites Pro Series Chicken Netting, cable ties, tie wire, cardboard sheets, a Gympie hammer and wire cutters.
  • Drive the 4 Ultraposts into the ground, approximately 1m apart.
  • Wrap the mesh around the posts, using the tie wire to secure three sides.
  • The front can be secured with cable ties. These can be cut when you need to turn or empty it out.
  • Use dry cardboard to line the sides and cover the top. The cardboard will help contain the compost and keep the moisture inside before breaking down.
  • Adequate air and moisture is crucial. Make breather tubes from the leftover mesh and moisten all the ingredients before adding them to the pile.
  • Load the ingredients is in thin layers and try to reduce the particle sizes as much as is practical.
  • This is well-suited to leaf litter, garden clippings, weeds, lawn clipping and shredded paper.

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