Story: Hardscaping
Episode: 16
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 5th December 2020

Black and white landscaping rocks are a fantastic way to highlight certain features in the garden.

  • Use Whites’ galvanised steel edging to contain the rocks and maintain a permanent shape.
  • This edging has a built-in interlocking system which helps it form a strong, almost seamless edge.
  • Lay down a weedmat before adding the rocks. You can put the rocks directly on the sand, but they tend to work their way into it, allowing weeds to take off.
  • Cut the weedmat into shape and use Whites’ weedmat anchors to hold it in position.
  • For full coverage, you’ll need 8 bags of the white rocks per square metre and 11 bags of the black rocks per square metre.
  • These rocks act as a mulch and the air spaces between them mean that the soil is kept cool underneath.

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