Liquid Feed Your Plants

Story: Liquid Feed Your Plants
Episode: 17
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 12th December 2020

After the extensive growth that takes place during spring, your plants might be lacking in the nutrients they need and be well overdue a feed.

  • Tell-tale signs of nutrient deficiency are yellow leaves, yellow in between the veins, brown or purple tints, brown edges and stunted growth.
  • A fast and efficient way to feed your plants is with a liquid. Troforte Liquid Plant Food has the full dietary complement with all the necessary nutrients.
  • Troforte Liquid is highly concentrated and can be attached to the hose for large areas or mixed up in the watering can for small areas.
  • It feeds your plants for up to 3 months and becomes rain fast after just 2 hours, forming a nearly invisible gel on the leaves that locks in the nutrients.
  • Troforte Liquid contains seaweed, which feeds both your plants and the microbes in your soil. This is why you should use it alongside Troforte’s granular fertilisers.
  • Nutrient deficiencies are soil pH related, so testing your soil and making the relevant adjustments is a great idea to get the most out of your plant food and your plants.

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