Boosting Your Immune System

Story: Boosting Your Immune System
Episode: 18
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 19th December 2020

Many plants belonging to the Allium family are extremely easy to grow and possess incredible immunity-boosting properties.

  • Spring onions don’t take up much space and can be harvested as they grow or allowed to develop and then pulled one or two at a time as needed.
  • Onion chives and garlic chives are staples in the herb garden and will thicken up as they grow.
  • Garlic chives have a broad, flat leaf compared to onion chives, which have a more rounded leaf.
  • These plants are filled with nutrients that are good for your immune system, like selenium, zinc and sulphur.
  • They are said to help reduce blood sugar levels and more readily allow the body to absorb vitamin C.

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