Water Lilies

Story: Water Lilies
Episode: 18
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 19th December 2020

Trevor chats to Calinda Anderson from Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm to learn more about the stunning, ever-popular water lily.

  • Calinda’s top 5 water lilies are Comanche Orange, Mrs Martin Randig, St Louis Gold, Charles de Merville and Gladstone.
  • Hardy water lilies will start to grow in July or August and decline around March and April.
  • Tropical water lilies will begin flowering around November and December and continue until June or July.
  • Tropical water lilies tend to be bigger than hardy water lilies. Their flowers sit proudly above the water and are often perfumed.
  • Hardy water lilies don’t have as many patterned leaves and striking colours as tropical water lilies. Their flowers are flush with the water.
  • At Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm, the water lilies come in pots. All you need to do is take them home and replant them.
  • Water lilies are heavy feeders because they’re constantly producing new flowers and leaves.
  • Put one or two of Troforte’s tree planting tablets in your pot. These are great for all water plants and will support your water lilies’ rapid growth.