Fixing Your Sandy Soil

Story: Fixing Your Sandy Soil
Episode: 1
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 27 February 2021

Good soil plays a vital role in the health of your plants. Nigel reveals his secret to improving the quality of your soil permanently.

  • The organic matter in compost can break down and leave a waxy coating on the sand particles, causing it to become hydrophobic and repel water.
  • Soil Solver helps create a permanent loam soil with a only one application.
  • Soil Solver contains kaolin clay, silt, and a unique balance of natural minerals that uniformly binds to the sand particles, creating the ideal soil.
  • Mix in approximately 10-15 kg per square metre of Soil Solver for the best results.
  • Native gardens require a lower quantity of Soil Solver, approximately 7.5kg per square metre.
  • Soil Solver retains moisture and nutrients, which results in less watering, fertilising, and water run-off into river systems.

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