Mowing Made Easy

Story: Mowing Made Easy
Episode: 2
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 6 March 2021

Mowing the lawn can be a taxing chore for gardeners, but not anymore! Nigel reveals the latest in lawn-mowing technology that makes mowing so much easier.

  • It's important to follow safety precautions when mowing. Before mowing, pick up any sticks or debris that may get caught in the mower.
  • Check the mower before you get started to make sure it's in good shape. Ensure that it has sharp blades, secure wheels, and topped up oil and fuel.
  • The blades of Rover’s Duracut 855 MS Lawn Mower rotate clockwise, reducing waste by throwing the clippings over the lawn rather than paths.
  • The Duracut 855 MS uses the new ‘My Speed’ technology from Rover, which automatically adjusts driving speed to match the walking pace of the user.
  • It’s a well-built mower, with a 1159CC drive engine, 18-inch deck, smooth-rolling ball bearing wheels, and 4 swing back blades.
  • The Duracut 855 MS comes with a mulching plug, giving users the option to catch the clippings and put them back on the lawn.
  • It also has a very handy deck plug for washing. Clip a hose onto the plug and turn it on to clean the mower within seconds.

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