Gourmet Kitchen

Story: Gourmet Kitchen
Episode: 3
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 13 March 2021

Herbs are packed with flavour and make a great addition to any meal. Neville introduces us to a range of gourmet herbs that are known for their taste and numerous health benefits.

  • Mint has many different health benefits. It can be used to relieve pain and discomfort from gas and bloating.
  • Mint thrives in a position with full sun and plenty of water. It’s essential in Vietnamese and Thai cooking.
  • Red Basil is a potent antioxidant with great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Red Basil is a fantastic source of iron and it tastes amazing in salads and soups.
  • Italian Flat Leafed Parsley has a milder flavour to that of the Curly-Leafed Parsley and is used in dishes such as eggs, meats and salads.
  • Parsley is a natural diuretic and has high nutritional value. It contains vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as large quantities of iron and potassium.
  • Parsley should be planted in an open and sunny area in your garden with free-draining soil.
  • It is recommended that these herbs be fed regularly with Powerfeed and Seasol for year-round harvesting.

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