Getting Greener Lawn

Story: Getting Greener Lawn
Episode: 6
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 3 April 2021

Nige shows us what we can do this Autumn to naturally improve our lawn quality and give it a good boost after the stresses of summer.

  • Seasol Lawn & Soil Booster improves soil and lawn health naturally, promoting thick, healthy green growth.
  • The seaweed contained in Seasol Lawn & Soil Booster provides additional immunity boosting qualities to protect the soil against heat, drought and frost.
  • Seasol Lawn & Soil Booster contains natural compost, humic acids and organic matter to help improve the soil structure, moisture retention and nutrient uptake.
  • Seasol Lawn & Soil Booster helps to revitalise soils and increase earthworm activity.
  • It is vital to water in Seasol Lawn & Soil Booster thoroughly after application to ensure there is no loss to mowing.
  • Seasol Lawn & Soil Booster is ideal to incorporate when laying new seed or turf.
  • Simply apply it to the soil before laying the turf or seeding. It aids root development and promotes healthy growth.
  • Seasol Lawn & Soil Booster can be applied all year round to keep your lawn thriving.

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