Pruning Your Trees Before Winter

Story: Pruning Your Trees Before Winter
Episode: 6
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 3 April 2021

Most trees need pruning to keep them in shape, and Autumn is the perfect time to prune. Nige shares his top tips on how to safely and efficiently prune your trees.

  • When pruning prioritise the removal of the three D’s: dead, damaged or diseased trees.
  • Maintain an angle of no more than 60 degrees to the limb you are working on, to ensure you’re not underneath the branch when it descends.
  • Safety equipment is essential, especially for overhead pruning. STIHL provides safety gloves, helmets and protective eyewear to ensure user safety at all times.
  • The STIHL HTA 85 pole pruner allows users to adjust the tension with a screw spanner tool. The chain tension should be firm to ensure a fast clean cut.
  • The STIHL HTA 85 has a telescopic shaft that can be adjusted between 2.7 metres to 3.9 metres, with a quick action, tool-free locking system allowing for a safer reach.
  • When cutting, only apply light pressure and avoid using the tip bar. The weight of the cutting head is generally enough pressure to cut for you.
  • Once your chain has reached full speed, make contact with the wood at the middle of your bar, closer to the cutting head rather than the tip.
  • For stability ensure your arms remain at waist level. Branches over 5m high will require help from a professional arborist for safety.
  • To prevent the guide bar from being pinched, make a small relieving cut on the compression side of the branch, then a second cut at the opposite side.

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