Waldecks Melville

Story: Waldecks Melville
Episode: 7
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane/ Neville Passmore
Air Date: 10 April 2021

Gardening trends have changed, with more people staying at home. Trev and Neville take us on a trip to the revamped and updated Melville Waldeck’s store to show us an example of how we have changed our relationship with our home and gardens.

  • Waldecks is a WA family-owned company established in 1986, that is at the forefront of plant and garden retailing.
  • With working from home on the rise, there is a huge emphasis on indoor plants at Waldecks to fit with this trend and the different styles and budgets of customers.
  • Ornate Pepper plant is a stunning plant to use for an indoor office. It has variegated leaves and thrives in a well-lit area of the house.
  • Waldecks has a large range of outdoor plants, most of which are grown in the company’s own nursery which helps to keep prices competitive.
  • Waldecks has a very impressive pottery range, with a large variety of beautiful pots marked at a great value, that are sure to suit any style of home.
  • Waldecks has everything you need to start up your own veggie garden with an extensive range of vegetable and herb seedlings, fruiting trees and shrubs available.
  • Waldecks helps educate the community by hosting classes, workshops and shopper events run by the horticultural specialists.

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