Gardening in Compact Spaces

Story: Gardening in Compact Spaces
Episode: 7
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 10 April 2021

Autumn is the ideal time to get planting, whilst the soil is warm and moist. Trev shows us how, with the right tools, anyone can get into the garden and create their dream environment.

  • To guarantee successful planting in your garden ensure to have the right fertiliser, compost and tools for your environment.
  • WOLF-Garten’s range of premium quality, ergonomic garden tools are available to suit smaller gardening applications, such as indoor plants, window boxes, and small veggie patches.
  • WOLF-Garten’s range is available as dedicated tools or mix and match with the Mini Click System, saving you money and storage space.
  • WOLF-Garten’s tool range is light and strong, perfect for compact gardening, especially gardening in and around units, townhouses or apartments.
  • WOLF-Garten’s range carries a 10 year or lifetime warranty.

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