Kool Kats

Story: Kool Kats
Episode: 8
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 17 April 2021

Cats are curious creatures that love to roam the garden. Neville shows us a few specific plants that are sure to keep your kitty happy.

  • Pet Grass, also known as Cat Grass, is a plant that requires a full sun position with well-drained soil. It is best grown in a pot.
  • For cats, eating Cat Grass helps to improve the digestion of fur so it is not regurgitated.
  • Cat Nip is a member of the mint family. It thrives in a full sun position with moist, well-drained soil.
  • The leaves of the Cat Nip plant have a fragrant mint-like smell which is loved by cats and is said to make them playful and docile.
  • Cat Mint is a perennial that’s closely related to Cat Nip. It thrives in a full sun or part shade position with well-drained, sandy soil.
  • Cat Mint is great at attracting cats to the garden as they love rolling around in the lemony mint-scented leaves.
  • The leaves of Cat Mint can be used for brewing tea and for flavouring meats and salads.

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