Family-Friendly Weed Control

Story: Family-Friendly Weed Control
Episode: 10
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 1 May 2021

Wet weather will drive a massive germination of weeds, and there are many different ways of getting rid of them.

  • Annual weeds burst into growth using huge amounts of energy that’s drawn from the nutrient you spend all summer building up in your soils.
  • Cultivating turns the weeds into green manure, but it also unearths more seeds, causing continual growth and requiring more maintenance.
  • Spraying weeds is the easiest and most practical solution this time of year but using a spray with safe and natural ingredients is important.
  • Roundup has evolved, allowing you to use a completely natural constituent that delivers viable results in just 12 hours.
  • The active ingredient is a natural, plant-derived chemical called nonanoic acid, also known as pelargonic acid.
  • It works by stripping the waxy cuticle of the plant, causing cell disruption, cell leakage and death by desiccation.
  • Apply it using the 1L trigger pack or the 2.5L pressure sprayer, which is ideal for larger gardens.
  • It’s pet and family-friendly, so you can be around the area treated once it’s dry. The packaging is also child resistant.

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