Last Mow Before Winter

Story: Last Mow Before Winter
Episode: 10
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
Air Date: 1 May 2021

The fast growth that our lawns experience during spring and summer will slow right down in autumn, making it the perfect time to trim, edge and mow them.

  • You should mow your lawn in late autumn, just before winter hits. This way it won’t end up with browning tips and is less likely to turn yellow from frost.
  • Give your lawn a really good water beforehand, as this will encourage a final flush of healthy growth.
  • Use a grass trimmer to edges your lawn along pathways and garden edges, and get it looking nice and crisp.
  • The bump guard on the STIHL FSA 60 R helps to protect your trees and retaining walls by maintaining a safe distance between the cutting head and the ground.
  • Make sure the head is level to avoid cutting too low or ‘scalping’, which can damage the grass.
  • If the trimmer line breaks, simply tap the head on a hard surface at full throttle and the line will refill. This is a common feature on all STIHL grass trimmers.
  • Set your mower to a height of 50-70mm to ensure that the blades are high enough to protect the roots of the grass and keep the lawn looking good for the whole season.
  • To make turning easier, do 2 laps of the perimeter of your lawn and then mow the rest of it in straight lines.
  • Don’t throw your lawn clippings away. They’re full of really great nutrients, so add them to your compost bin or use them on your garden as mulch.
  • Give your lawnmower a good clean and check the blades for any wear and tear. If they look dull, visit your local STIHL dealer to get them sharpened before spring.

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