Hedging Expert Tips

Story: Hedging Expert Tips
Episode: 4
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 11 September 2021

Warmer weather sparks new growth, which is great news for your garden. Trev shares his top trimming tips to get your garden looking spick and span this Spring.

  • In spring, regular trimming of your hedges will stimulate new growth.
  • A hard prune is essentially taking back more than just a light trim would. The best time for hard pruning is in Spring and early Summer, well before the heat sets in.
  • When it comes to shaping hedges, start by trimming the sides of your hedges, before trimming the tops to get a perfect shape.
  • For high and wide hedges, using a long-reach hedge trimmer, start from the bottom and swing the hedge trimmer upwards in an arc while cutting. Pause cutting to reposition, lower hedge trimmer and then repeat.
  • Cut the top of the hedge by holding the cutting blades at an angle of less than 10°. The slight angle will stop them from catching on twiggy branches.
  • The HSA 56 is great for hedges of all shapes and sizes, however, for those hedges that are high or awkward to get to, the HLA 56 long-reach hedge trimmer is the best option.
  • HLA 56 long-reach hedge trimmer is light, allowing users to work on tall hedges with ease. The battery is based at the centre of the axis meaning there’s a lower tilting movement, reducing user fatigue.

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