Mowing for Spring!

Story: Mowing for Spring!
Episode: 5
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 18 September 2021

Now is the best time to do some spring cleaning in the garden. Trev gives his top lawn mowing tips for Spring!

  • There are eight mowers in the STIHL range covering gardens of all shapes and sizes. STIHL’s mowers are very quiet with zero exhaust emissions.
  • STIHL’s RMA 510 V mower is recommended for larger lawns. It can mow up to the size of a full tennis court on a single charge, and with the second battery storage slot, you can easily double that to two tennis courts.
  • Start the mower by flipping the cover up and popping the battery into the slot. These batteries only take up to 35 minutes to re-charge.
  • Under the mower’s cover is a safety key used to prevent children from turning the machine on and causing harm to themselves.
  • STIHL’s RMA 510 V mower has an ECO button which maximises cutting performance to conserve battery life. When the blade senses less resistance on shorter or less dense grass, it drops the blade speed to maximise the area you can cover.
  • The cutting height on this mower and all STIHL mowers can be easily adjusted to suit your lawn’s needs and the time of year with just one lever, and there are eight settings ranging from 25mm -100mm.
  • The V in the RMA 510 V name stands for self-propelled variable speed. Walking speed can be adjusted to suit your stride, ranging from a relaxing stroll to a brisk walk.
  • The RMA 510 V  has a whopping 51cm cutting width, and a 70L mesh catcher allowing you to do more mowing with less stopping, and the large opening makes it extremely easy to empty.
  • This mower also features an option to mulch by inserting the mulching plug, or side eject by activating the side chute.

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