Gardens of the Future

Story: Gardens of the Future.
Episode: 5
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 18 September 2021

The amount of people interested in gardening has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic and lockdowns. More people are wanting to enjoy the space they live in and keep busy. Sue shows us how to create luscious greenery, anywhere we go.

  • Vertical gardens are great for saving space.
  • Holman industries have redesigned their Mobile Green Wall, making the Green Wall easier to assemble and longer-lasting.
  • The click, and go method makes it easy to follow and build. All you need to do is join the frame clips together and slide them onto the marked grooves.
  • There are 4 wheels on the base of the frame that allows you to move the green wall into any position.
  • Holman also has 9 small green wall pots and 2 planters as part of the kit, perfect for some edibles and colour.
  • The larger planters are well suited for a few larger growing herbs such as Parsley.
  • The Mobile Green Wall comes with a preassembled irrigation kit, so all that is needed is to place each sprayer at each pot and hook it onto a tap.
  • Automatic watering ensures that plants are watered regularly. To keep your plants looking great throughout the year, apply liquid fertiliser over the foliage and around the roots every fortnight.

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