Which weed?

Story: Which weed?
Episode: 5
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 18 September 2021

Weeds can be a Gardener’s antagonist, causing havoc to their beautiful flowerbeds. Nige shows us how to manage weeds organically.

  • Bare soil areas in the garden are prone to developing weeds.
  • Mulch is critical for not only reducing weed growth but acting as an insulation blanket for an even soil temperature and saving water by reducing evaporation.
  • Smothering weed infestations with a layer of newspaper and then mulch is a tried and tested trick to combat weeds.
  • In lawns, aerating, feeding, watering and regular mowing are crucial for successful growth and weed elimination.
  • Ensure to hand weed or mow weeds down before they set seeds down and grow further roots.
  • Regular mowing and feeding encourage a healthy thick lawn, harder for weed seeds to germinate.
  • Spraying is a fast and easy option to eliminate weeds.
  • Seasol’s Earth-care range, Organic Weedkiller is an organic, glyphosate-free contact herbicide containing pelargonic acid that controls a wide range of weeds as well as lichen, moss, and algae.
  • The Organic Weedkiller works by breaking down the waxy coating of leaves and stems, destroying the cells leading to death by dehydration.
  • Seasol’s Earth-care range, Organic Weedkiller is completely biodegradable leaving no residue in the soil.
  • Spray with Seasol’s Earth-care, Organic Weedkiller during calm, dry conditions to avoid drift and wash off.

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