Garden Express Promo ‐ Gerberas

Story: Garden Express Promo - Gerberas
Episode: 9
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 16 October 2021

Sue shows off a variety of bright flowers that are easy to grow in the home garden and are sure to bring a smile to your face.

  • With an extremely long vase life Gerberas will add charm to any room or garden with brilliant colours and large flowers.
  • Gerberas grow well in a large pot, or garden beds, they are flowering now in the warmer regions of Australia, but if you live in the cooler areas, they will flower a little later.
  • Gerberas prefer a full sun position in well-drained soil.
  • There are 4 different collections in the Garden Express offer: the Pretty ‘n’ Pink will add highlights of pink to the garden. Sunset Collection will bring the glow of the sunset to your garden or pots, Strawberries ‘n’ Cream or the Bicolour Collection which has some incredible colour combinations.
  • Viewers of The Garden Gurus can receive each collection for just $30 each, that’s a 20% saving.
  • To encourage flowers, apply fertiliser regularly over the foliage and around the soil.
  • As the plants get larger, they can be divided and when repotting, place the crown at the original soil level to give them the best start.
  • Plant with the crown at soil level and pick the flowers by plucking the entire flower stem out as this will eliminate a rotting stem introducing disease to the crown.

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