Crops Grown in Pots - Tomatoes

Story: Crops Grown in Pots - Tomatoes
Episode: 10
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 23 October 2021

Trevor shows us his favourite abundant crop to grow in pots this summer.

  • Tomatoes are great for growing in pots as they are hardy plants. There are many different varieties to choose from.
  • Black Cherry Tomatoes are an extremely ornamental cordon variety of cherry tomatoes. Tomatoes have a black-purple skin and dark red flesh, and a wonderful sweet and juicy flavour.
  • Traditional Cherry Tomatoes are bright red in colour, round and usually quite sweet in taste.
  • Yellow Pear Tomatoes are fast-growing, prolific for fruiting, and produce yellow pear-shaped fruits.
  • The Patio variety of tomato is compact and cascades out of the pot. It’s best not staked.
  • If you liquid feed regularly, you can expect 10 to 12 kilo’s of fruit from them for about 6 months before you will need to replant a second crop for the late autumn early winter.
  • Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits.