Successful Hot Weather Gardening

Story: Successful Hot Weather Gardening
Episode: 11
Presenter: Darren Seinor
Air Date: 30 October 2021

How do we protect our outdoor plants from the heat? Darren heads to North Perth Community Garden to help solve their heatwave issue.

  • Most of Perth is built-in dry, impoverished sand, which in most gardens soon becomes hydrophobic, which prevents water from soaking into the soil where it’s needed.
  • A great quality wetting agent is the perfect remedy to this problem and will help the water soak right into the soil, where your plants need it.
  • A simple, protective shade-cloth frame can make a huge difference in helping to get establishing plants to grow.
  • Manage your fertilizing routine carefully during summer.
  • Applying too many nutrients will encourage your plants to grow large amounts of new growth that will be highly susceptible to burn and scorch.
  • Controlled, slow-release fertilizers work best, supplemented with an occasional half-strength liquid feed.
  • Applying mulch to garden beds is a well-recognized way to save water in the garden by greatly limiting the evaporation of soil moisture, but mulching has more benefits than that.
  • Mulch helps keep the soil cooler, which lowers plant stress and makes your soil more hospitable to soil microbes which in turn benefits your plants & garden.