STIHL Expert Tip

Story: STIHL Expert Tip
Episode: 11
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 30 October 2021

Regular mowing and lawn care will help your grass spread thicker and faster! Trevor shares his top mowing tips to help your lawn thrive this Summer.

  • Start by edging along your paths, driveways, or hard surfaces. The clippings will be collected by the lawnmower, saving you time in the end.
  • Set your Lawn Mower to the desired height. A rule of thumb is never to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf height.
  • A regularly trimmed lawn should be mowed every two weeks in spring and summer, for a Buffalo variety run the mower at 30mm high, and for a fine leaf look run it at 20 to 25mm. You don’t want to scalp as it causes burns and patches.
  • Mowing by doing two laps of the perimeter, this makes turning easier, then mow the rest of the lawn in straight lines.
  • Mow in a different direction every time you mow, this helps to reduce compaction from walking behind the mower, it also helps the grass grow straighter for a great-looking lawn.
  • Clippings are a great asset in garden, they act as a moisture and nitrogen source in compost heaps and make an amazing source of food for worms when spread lightly across garden beds.
  • After each trim ensure to give your mower a good clean. It’s Important to remove the battery and the safety fuse key first before carrying out any cleaning work.

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