STIHL Expert Tip

Story: STIHL Expert Tip
Episode: 14
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 20 November 2021

Summer is on our doorstep! Nigel shares some expert pruning tips to help get your garden looking fresh for summer.

  • It’s important to prune trees and shrubs to remove damaged and diseased wood
  • Pruning should be done at any time of year as required.
  • Pruning after flowering is one of the important pruning rules.
  • Pruning helps control the size and shape of plants, allowing adequate light in for better flowering.
  • Stihl’s battery-powered pruner, the GTA 26 is a very lightweight, easy-to-use pruner, it functions like a chainsaw, with a 10cm guide bar and ¼ inch high-quality STIHL chain for precise and powerful pruning of trees/shrubs.
  • The GTA 26 is great for cutting up garden waste or timber for DIY building projects.
  • The GTA 26 is designed for two-hand operation for complete accuracy, stability and safety that delivers a beautiful fast, clean cut.
  • To use the pruner, first align the bar at the correct angle to the branch where you want to cut, start the chain before making contact and once at full speed, apply a little pressure to push through the cut.
  • Cutting just above a lateral branch or an outward-facing bud is good horticultural practice allowing for healthy development and growth.
  • The GTA 26 has some excellent safety features; a protective hood, a non-slip handle, and an interlocking trigger for safe starting.

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