Pest Deterrent Range

Story: Pest Deterrent Range
Episode: 14
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
Air Date: 20 November 2021

Avid gardeners are always on the lookout for wildlife/animal-friendly deterrents to keep their plants safe. Bonnie shows us the latest in pest deterrents.

  • Dig-stop-mesh is a great tool to use as a deterrent. It can be placed at the base of the garden bed or on the lawn. This is great at stopping puppies from digging holes.
  • The dig-stop-mesh can be wrapped around trees or poles to deter any nocturnal visitors from climbing up and around the garden.
  • The mesh comes in 2 metre lengths and can be measured out to your desired area and cut into correct lengths. Ensure the area is clear of any large objects like sticks or rocks.
  • Using the ground fixing pins, secure them into place. Alternatively, if you choose to place it in the garden you can bury it slightly under the soil as a secret barrier.
  • For trees, simply cut the length you need, wrap it around and secure it into place.
  • The mesh is UV protected.
  • Stainless steel pest spikes are a quick solution for stopping birds from roosting or landing around the garden, and it doesn’t harm them.
  • The durable spikes lock into the polycarbonate base strips which can be attached to any surface with either nails, screws, or glue.
  • Pest Fence Spikes are a neat, tidy and quick to install solution to deter rodents.

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