Flying Fox: Native Animals in The Garden

Story: Flying Fox: Native Animals in The Garden
Episode: 14
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 20 November 2021

Flying- Foxes often get a bad rep but they’re important to our ecosystem. Trevor discovers how to create natural habitats for native animals, including Flying-Foxes.

  • Flying-Foxes are hugely important to our ecosystem as they act as pollinators and seed dispersers.
  • Flying-Foxes have suffered from climate change, extreme heat and habitat loss.
  • They makeup about 20% of mammals and are the second most common mammal after rodents.
  • Flying - Foxes are one of the biggest bat species found in Australia.
  • They are attracted to big trees, which they can roost in and consume fruit and native flowers.
  • One of the ways we can act responsibly in the garden is by ensuring the correct management of fruit trees as they commonly get tangled in the netting. Hence, white coloured netting is best as it is more visible at night.
  • The netting must have small holes so they don’t get tangled inside and it must be taught on the tree.
  • By planting native food sources in the garden and responsibly using netting materials we can aid in the conservation of our native wildlife.

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