Native Animals in The Garden - Reptiles

Story: Native Animals in The Garden - Reptiles
Episode: 16
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 4 December 2021

Native wildlife is so important to Australia’s ecology. Trevor heads back to Caversham Wildlife Park to learn how we can use our gardens to help support native reptile conservation.

  • Australia is a hotspot for reptile diversity; we have the largest number of species of any country in the world, and about 10% of all known reptile species globally.
  • Without suitable conservation practices, we risk losing our reptile species to rising threats such as climate change, cane toads, feral cats, habitat clearing for development.
  • The best ways to look out for reptiles is to not touch them and provide a clean water source, provide some rocks, native grasses, ground covers and mulch for shelter in a protected space free from roaming cats.
  • Most kinds of lizards feed on fruit, insects, flowers, foliage and eggs.
  • Planting berry or nectar-producing local natives will attract insects for lizards to eat.
  • Snakes generally hunt mice and other small rodents/creatures.
  • Normally, snakes will go about their business without harming you. However, it’s important to not approach snakes who have made it into your backyard.
  • If you see a species of concern, it is best to contact your local snake removalist to come round.

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