Blue Kangaroo Paw

Story: Blue Kangaroo Paw
Episode: Episode 2
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 5th March 2022

Trevor interviews the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Digby Growns, at the conservation centre, speaking about the new blue kangaroo paw release.

  • Kings Park Botanic Garden introduces everyone to the beauty of a unique Biosphere.
  • Kings Park is considered one of the world's biodiversity hot spots. 12,000 plus plant species you'll find nowhere else on the planet.
  • Digby and his team are developing species to a new level to allow everyone to grow these unique plants in our gardens.
  • Digby and his team started in 2007 to breed disease tolerance into smaller growing and group paws.
  • Digby and his team created a lot of complex parents, and now they are getting a great ray of colours.
  • Releases of Masquerade Kangaroo Paw.
    • Western Australia & New South Wales – March.
    • Victoria & South Australia – April.
    • Queensland & Tasmania – May.
  • Recommendations of care:
    • Planting in the ground: Grows very well. Just give it a bit of open space.
    • In Autumn, chop it back to ground level, which will provide you with many years of growth.
    • Another way of growing is by putting it into a container.