Nevill's Hydroponic Herbs

Story: Nevs Hydroponic Herbs
Episode: 4
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 19th March 2022

Hydroponics is a very successful way to be growing plants, particularly vegetables.

  • The idea is to grow all the herbs and vegetables close to the kitchen, so you can harvest fresh full flavoured produce.
  • Having a raised wicking bed, the idea of it is to poor potting mix in it, which you will need 5 bags 100L, and plant directly in it with seeds or sea links.
  • Using flat square dishes that sit above the water reservoir, which will act as the wicking device.
  • Remove all traces of potting mix from the root system because the potting mix will clog up the draining system.
  • The basil plant is germinated in a rockwool cube, so when the roots come out you can plant it cube and all straight in to the mix.
  • A pinch of coriander seed sown straight onto the surface will give you a small cluster of plants.

Making up a hydroponic liquid fertilizer:


  • Shake until milky
  • Apply at the rate of 5MLs per litre water.
  • Pore into a watering can, give it a shake and pour it over the plants and surface..


  • Slowly apply over the foliage of the plants, until you see the excess coming out of the draining whole.
  • When the expanded clay is dry until the depth of the second knuckle of your finger, it is time to top of the reservoir.
  • Alternate between plain water and a nutrient solution as the plants grow.