Eden Gardens Sydney

Story: Eden Gardens Sydney
Episode: 4
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 19th March 2022

Feeding in autumn is essential to replace all the nutrients used in summer, and with a controlled release fertilizer like the Troforte is perfect for the job.

  • Olive trees are also known as the tree of sacredness, joy & peace.
  • Olive trees have been known to be around for 8000 years.
  • Olive oil is known to date back to 6000 years ago.
  • Olive trees like to be in a sunny, well drone position.
  • The olive Manzanillo comes from Spain.
  • As an underplanting for the olives to stay with the silver-grey foliage, you can try westering the coastal rosemary.
  • There are a few cultivars in various sizes, which respond very well to pruning.
  • Crassula, make a fantastic combo and an excellent drought-tolerant plant.
  • Like all succulents, good drainage is an excellent key to success.
  • Cacti originate from the Americas as far as British Columbia and Alberta. Down through to Mexico, where the majority are found.

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