Hydrawise in-built app alert

Story: Hydrawise in-built app alert
Episode: 4
Presenter: Darren Seinor
Air Date: 19th March 2022

Darren shows you the in-built app alerts from Hydrawise, so you can take control if anything goes wrong.

  • Hydrawise has its system alert in built-in their app, which will send you phone alerts for instant notifications.
  • Paring a Hydrawise controller with a hunter flow mature will give the homeowner peace of mind, which will notify if there are any leaks, broken pipes, and damaged sprinklers, which will be detected and repaired quickly before any water is lost.
  • Slow leak alerts will monitor the water loss over the hour, which will detect a slow leak and notify the owner of an irrigation repair.
  • Water loss can also occur when zones are running from damaged pipes or sprinklers, sending an alert straight away to your smartphone.
  • The Hydrawise app alerts will warn you when large amounts of water have been lost, or different sections of your lawn or garden are suffering.
  • The in-app alert will let you know instantly so that a repair can be done quickly.
  • The controller owner will have alerts if the controller's Wi-Fi connection drops.

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