Feeding Citrus

Story: Feeding Citrus
Episode: 4
Presenter: Bonnie - Marie Hibbs & James Barclay
Air Date: 19th March 2022

Bonnie & James pot a dwarf citrus tree and show you how to care for already established citrus trees.

  • The dwarf Eureka lemon is the most common lemon grown by home gardeners.
  • The fruit is abundant. It comes with little seeds, is super juicy & if planted in the right condition, will flower almost year-round
  • A tree-like this will grow up to 2 metres, so it's perfect for a pot.
  • Scotts osmocote citrus & fruit premium potting mix has been developed with over 50 years of horticultural expertise with sustainability sourced materials and the right amount of nutrients to provide the best growing conditions
  • Scotts Osmocote Citrus & Fruit Premium Potting Mix provides the ideal conditions for them to blossom
  • The premium mix contains boosted levels of iron and magnesium to produce lush, deep green leaves.
  • Using Scotts osmocote citrus & fruit controlled-release fertiliser, your citrus trees will continuously feed up to 6 months through osmocote controlled release technology, which only feeds when plants need plants.

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