Sproutwell – Smaller Spaces

Story: Sproutwell – Smaller Spaces
Episode: Episode 10
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 30th April 2022

  • Sustainable gardening practices are growing in popularity as people realize that gardening in an eco-friendly way is good for the planet and contributes to having some essential vegetables and herbs available without rushing to the shops.
  • One of the most significant trends and demands Sproutwell experienced during this period was the request to incorporate more miniature Greenhouses to suit balconies and smaller gardens.
  • Turning whatever outdoor space you have, big or small, into an extension of your home is a growing trend, mainly when producing and growing your fruits and vegetables.
  • Mini Space Saver: Mini Space Saver is attractive, free-standing and is often placed on a back deck, against a shed wall, fence or hedge. A perfect solution if you do not have the room for a giant Sproutwell™ Greenhouse but are desperate to get started in the garden. Fantastic for raising from seed.
  • Urban Nursery Models: A perfect solution for those with limited space, wanting herbs on hand or looking to propagate. Also useful for hardening-off seedlings that were started in a giant greenhouse. Perfect keeping your Herbs, Cuttings & Vegetables protected all year round. It can also be used for general propagation use or getting those precious cuttings started.
  • Brilliant and modern (black frame) available in 4mm Polycarbonate or 4mm Toughened Glass for a more aesthetic appearance.
  • XL & Large Nursery Models: Without going to our full-sized free-standing Greenhouse models, Sproutwell’s nursery range is a great in-between option for something that is a little larger but by no means requires a lot of space. Comes supplied with 6mm Polycarbonate panels, shelving, and opening roof vents. They function just as a standard domestic Greenhouse would

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