Lawn Maintenance Plan - SST BIAGRA

Story: Lawn Maintenance Plan - SST BIAGRA
Episode: 10
Presenter: Michael Maartensz
Air Date: 29th October 2022

Michael shows us why irrigation water often pools on the surface of your lawn after you’ve had your sprinklers on!

  • What you are seeing here is the effects of hydrophobic soils.
  • Over time each granule of sand will build up a waxy coating that inhibits the waters’ ability to move downward into the profile where it is needed by the plants root system.
  • In Australia we have some of the most hydrophobic soils in the worlds and wetting agents play a major role in breaking this hydrophobic soil tension and allowing moisture to be drawn down into the profile.
  • As the profile becomes evenly wet it will create an environment where the water is pulled downwards rather than pooling on the surface.
  • Having good soil moisture uniformity will encourage the root system of your lawn to extend deeper down into the profile anchoring the plant for strong, dense growth over the long hot summer period.
  • There are a number of wetting agents on the market so be sure to choose one like this that has been tried and tested in the sports turf arena but are now available in convenient small packs for home lawns.

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