Lawn Aeration

Story: Lawn Aeration
Episode: 10
Presenter: Michael Maartensz
Air Date: 29th October 2022

It seems to be all the rage amongst lawn lovers these days to have their lawns cored in Spring! Let Michael introduce you to this process!

  • Coring refers to the method of aerating the lawn with a hollow tube-like tine that brings a plug of organic material and soil to the surface.
  • Leaving a hole for oxygen and water to work their way more freely into the soil profile.
  • Over time your lawn will naturally break down and decay, leading to organic material building up in the soil profile. Left untreated these organics can inhibit essential moisture and nutrients reaching the rootzone, as well as creating an anaerobic environment that will stifle the plants’ ability to thrive.
  • Solid tine or spike aeration on the other hand is used to shatter compacted soils that may be causing a hard pan layer that the root system is struggling to penetrate.
  • This shattering process naturally provides air into the surface and encourages deep rooting and better water infiltration.
  • If you have a high organic profile, think core aeration, whereas if compaction is your main issue, then spike aeration may be more beneficial for you.
  • Either way getting more air, water and goodies into your soils will provide long lasting health benefits for your home patch.

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