Darlac Hand Tools

Story: Darlac Hand Tools
Episode: 10
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 29th October 2022

Neville demonstrates the versatility of hand tools and their wonderful use in the garden with some top-quality items!

  • Designed to help you achieve optimal performance, the Darlac range showcases attention to detail in the design of each tool.
  • Each item has been created to not only enhance the user’s experience, but also give gardeners, farmers, campers, and a range of other users the ability to achieve optimal and accurate results.
  • The Darlac range prides itself on: High quality materials. Cutting power and accuracy.  Strength and durability. Lightweight products providing user comfort and convenience.
  • Each tool is precision engineered from top quality materials to withstand the rigours of gardening. As well as being lightweight, the cutting power and accuracy of these strong and durable tools rival well established brands.
  • Provided at an affordable price, Darlac has won many ‘best-buy’ awards in the UK.
  • The eye-catching packaging, versatility of the range and attention to detail make this range and appealing choice for customers at a competitive price.
  • Versatile range to suit user requirements for all gardening jobs. Garden Trowel. Hand Fork. Weed Knife. Rockery Trowel. Daisy Grubber. Onion Hoe

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