Plant Deal of the Week - Chrysanthemum

Story: Plant Deal of the Week - Chrysanthemum
Episode: 7
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 29th April 2023

Trevor shares another fantastic plant deal of the week – these stunning Chrysanthemums!

  • Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers in the world, with a rich history dating back to ancient China, where it was first cultivated for its medicinal properties.
  • Today, Chrysanthemums are grown globally, and their breeding is an ongoing effort to produce new and improved varieties.
  • Dümmen Orange is a leader in this field, leveraging advanced technological expertise to breed premium Chrysanthemums with unique features, such as different colors, shapes, and sizes, to cater to various preferences and occasions.
  • In addition to breeding for aesthetics, Dümmen Orange also focuses on breeding disease resistance into their Chrysanthemum crops. This is achieved through the use of Intrinsa technology, which is a genetic engineering tool that enables the targeted introduction of specific genes into plants to enhance their resistance to diseases.
  • Dümmen Orange's breeding efforts have resulted in the development of a range of Chrysanthemum varieties that are resistant to common diseases and require fewer chemical applications, promoting sustainability for both producers and customers.
  • With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Dümmen Orange is revolutionizing the Chrysanthemum breeding industry and setting a new standard for premium flower crops.
  • Be sure to head to Garden Express to get your hands on one of the fantastic flowers, just in time for mothers day!
  • Pot Mum Chrysanthemum Collection Pack of 4$39.60 $27.70
  • Pot Mum Chrysanthemum Breeze Collection Pack of 4$35.60 $24.90
  • Pot Mum Chrysanthemum Chrystal Collection Pack of 4$35.60 $24.90
  • Pot Mum Chrysanthemum Novelty Collection Pack of 4$35.60 $24.90

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