Singapore Gardens part 5

Story: Singapore Garden part 5
Episode: 7
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 29th April 2023

Trevor wanders around the Park Royal Gardens in Singapore and marvels at the spectacular designs.

  • This hotel underwent a massive renovation back in 2020 – it already had the largest sky lit atrium at 21 stories tall and converting it into an incredible lush oasis has transformed the experience for visitors and guests, making it one of Singapore’s most unique attractions with its positioning of a garden in a hotel.
  • A 13 metre green wall which a visual spectacle evocative of a traditional Chinese landscape painting, with clouds floating high above, while the forest of resplendent greenery is interspersed with monolithic shapes throughout.
  • The design allows people places to sit and take in the verdant gardens from different aspects at every point of the atrium. It evokes feelings of tranquillity and relaxation, a safe haven, a respite from the fast city life happening outside.
  • Whether you’re staying on business or taking a relaxing holiday to explore this remarkable island nation, this is the place to arrive to after a busy day of exploring.
  • The commitment to a sustainable existence isn’t limited to the entry of the atrium. The pool area is simply superb, leaving you feeling like you’ve been transported into some kind of tropical oasis.
  • This is world class, absolute leadership and another example of Singapore’s Park Royal Collections leadership in the areas of sustainability and healthier environment.

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